Rockfall protection products PFEIFER ISOFER

Natural hazards – a safety issue in all mountainous regions. PFEIFER ISOFER AG is a recognised expert in technical protection against natural hazards. As pioneers we first specialised in protective systems 30 years ago. Today, with the experience of over 1000 rockfall protection projects, we offer a comprehensive range of products that extends from certified barriers to customized solutions. At our headquarters in Switzerland we develop state-of-the-art, technologically exemplary protective systems that are delivered all over the world. We offer our customers needs-based rockface covering systems and specialised barriers for protection against rockfalls, avalanches or mudflows. Swiss quality which, naturally, is certified according to the strict criteria of the Swiss directive on type testing as well as the European directive ETAG027. We offer advice, from project planning to the acceptance test and develop the protective systems of the future together with our customers in our test plants. For the protection of persons, materials and the environment.
  • Mission

    We protect people, material and the environment

    With our systems in the field of rockfall protection, slope/rock stabilization and avalanche protection, we meet today's central issue of "safety" effectively. The focus of our high quality standard is both the product and customer orientation, to an equal extent. As pioneers in protection systems, our extensive experience is incorporated into the development of innovative solutions. Through intense dialogue and on-site service, we evolve beyond the role of supplier to become partners with our customers.
  • Competences

    Partner in all project phases

    We consult our customers in all matters of project planning up to the acceptance test. On request, we also manage the monitoring, service and maintenance of all types of protection systems.

    High quality

    We manufacture in our own production facilities or work together with long-standing partners.

    Decades of experience

    We have been delivering technically advanced and environmentally friendly protection systems to protect against rockfall, unstable slopes and rock instabilities, debris flow and snow avalanches for years.
  • Testing systems

    Tested and certified – for your safety

    To guarantee the safety of people, materials and the environment, we have been carrying out system tests since 1985. Single components such as the brake and net, as well as the complete system, are inspected. With the help of information gathered from the component tests, such as braking value, pull-out strength and displacement force, the optimum use of materials and the outlining of the entire system is determined. Finally, the effectiveness and suitability of the complete system can be checked in our own testing facilities. With more than 250 field trials, ISOSTOP systems are among the world's leading high-quality protection systems.

    1:1 System tests

    PFEIFER ISOFER AG has a funicular cable car, which can be used to shoot test blocks up to 9.6 tons at a speed of 25 m/s (90 km/h) into rockfall protection systems. This set-up allows for a realistic simulation of rockfall events. PFEIFER ISOFER also operates a test facility for vertical ETAG 027 certification tests of up to 10,000 kJ. This test area is equipped with highly sophisticated infrastructure for installation, documentation and testing of modern rockfall barriers. Supported by state-of-the-art monitoring and motion trekking devices, components are developed and assembled to harmonize the performance of the barriers.

    Component tests

    Most of the total energy is absorbed or transformed in a safety fence by the brake elements and the net. To determine the performance of these components, the main properties of these elements are tested. With the help of periodic tensile tests on our brake elements, we can confirm the quality of the components and, in addition, collect data that allows us to determine the brake release force and the braking value. Thus, the optimum braking can be assigned for every energy class.  The most important performance parameters of a net relate to the load-carrying capacity in different working directions. A special test element enables us to test a net section in both horizontal and vertical working directions. The resilience of the net vertical to the rock face is determined by means of a so-called punching test.

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