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Quality. Safety. Profitability. PFEIFER ISOFER stands for premium applied technology solutions. As a partner, we meet our customers at eye level in all questions. With our developments and solutions we strive to secure the advantage for them that is crucial in global competition. Explore the products and services of PFEIFER ISOFER.

  • Natural Hazard Solutions

      Worldwide distribution.

    Rockfall protection systems

    Rockface covering systems

    Avalanche protection system

    Mudflow protection systems

    Anchoring technology

    Detailed information on our range of products and services can be found under Products & Services.

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  • Wire ropes – Products & Services

      Distribution in Switzerland only.

    Rope end terminations

    PFEIFER develops and manufactures rope connections. Tell us your requirements – we’ll take care of the connection.

    Rope services

    On-site analyses, rope manufacturing and repair service

    Rope accessories

    That is also typical PFEIFER: the huge stock of rope accessories that we keep all over the world for you.

    Rope service / rope handling

    Rope measuring instruments, cleaning and lubricating devices, winding devices and more

  • Wire ropes – Applications & Solutions

      Distribution in Switzerland only.

    Ropes for mobile and crawler cranes

    Ropes for tower cranes

    Ropes for special foundation equipment

    Ropes for cargo handling cranes

    Ropes for process plants

    Ropes for the heavy industry

    Ropes for elevators

  • Lightweight Architecture

    Cable and rod systems

    Structural cables, tension rod systems, compression struts, clamps


    Primary and secondary steel structures

    Movable structures

    Convertible roof structures, umbrellas, shading systems, canopies


    Roofs, facades, envelopes


    PTFE glass, PVC-PES, silicone glass, mesh, ETFE, ETFE foil cushions

    Maintenance systems

    LoadSCAN, strain/elongation measurement, membrane analysis

  • Attachment devices and cargo lashing equipment

      Distribution in Switzerland only.

    Attachment devices & lifting points

    The safe and correct equipment for virtually every attachment process.

    Lifting and turning devices

    Large selection for the lifting and turning of different loads.

    Hoists & winches

    Versatile range of products with ideal solutions for your lifting application.

    Cargo lashing equipment

    Cargo lashing equipment and accessories for safe, ergonomic and cost effective cargo lashing.

    Fall protection equipment

    Tailor-made product range – professional, user-oriented and innovative!

  • Lifting and turning devices
  • Snow and tyre protection chains

      Distribution in Switzerland only.

    Snow chains

    PFEIFER ISOFER has been the general agent in Switzerland for Pewag-brand snow chains for decades. Pewag snow chains offer a very high degree of safety and comfort and can be used not only in wintery conditions. These products are also used in slush, pebbles and sand. Military and rescue troops trust in the proven Pewag quality in rough terrain too. Our product range includes snow chains for:

    • Cars
    • 4x4s & SUVs
    • Buses and commercial vehicles
    • Off-road vehicles
    • Forestry machines
    • Army vehicles
    • Special vehicles

    Tyre protection chains

    As a long-standing partner for Pewag tyre protection chains we distribute these products in Switzerland and will be glad to advise you locally.

    We offer you a large variety of link and net shapes for areas of use such as mining or tunnel construction.

  • Hardware

      Distribution in Switzerland only.

    Range of products

    Our extensive range of products covers all your needs by offering specific products for almost all types of applications.

    Branded products

    Our premium brands ensure top quality at fair prices:

  • Inspection service

      Distribution in Switzerland only.

    Test and be on the safe side

    We test attachment devices, chains, round slings, lifting straps, steel wire ropes, cargo lashing equipment and fittings – all brands and types – and impress with:

    • Sensitive, precise methods
    • Qualified technicians
    • Fast service
    • Modern acquisition system
    • Free quotation
    • Expert information
    • Extensive documentation
    • Tested safety
    • Free training

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